Make Sensory is a mobile Multi-Sensory Environment that serves children and adults with disabilities.


 Sensory rooms are common throughout Europe and used as an alternative to traditional therapeutic practices. Through the use of light, sound, touch and response we allow our clients to experience an environment that they control.

We live our world through our senses. For most of us, we take these wonderful experiences for granted. Unfortunately, people with sensory issues may never have such experiences. Their world can be restricted, chaotic and most of their choices made for them. A Multi-Sensory Environment allows the individual personal choice of their sensory input. Until now, Multi-Sensory Environments were only at private institutions and not widely available to the public. These rooms are very costly and require constant maintenance and space. Make Sensory has revolutionized Multi-Sensory Environments by providing it to the public with our mobile unit. We are available to come directly to your school, office or home.

Make Sensory believes that every person should be able to experience their environment. We help those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Dementia and much more. Call us and start making sense today!




Our Mobile Sensory Unit is a Multi-Sensory Environment that come to you. Helping those with Autism, Dementia, and many others. Click below to learn more about what we do and how we help you and your family.

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Multi-Sensory Environment

A Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) is a cutting edge alternative to therapy for those with disabilities. By stimulating the senses, we can help enrich lives through meaningful experiences. Click below to see our mobile MSE.

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